Randall’s Mission

Randall’s takes great pride in returning your vehicle
to factory condition.

Randall’s one-day car rust-proofing is possible for many newer vehicles. Drop off your car for the day and pick up your Waxoyl-protected car late in the afternoon. Older autos may require extra prep time.
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Car Storage

Put your car in storage, safe for a day, a week or a year at Randall’s premium auto service center. Call for rates.

Waxoyl Professional Topwax-6

While in storage, beat the ravages of time with Waxoyl-quality transport and storage protection. Waxoyl provides crucial protection from surface corrosion, harmful UV damage, and pollutants.

Randall’s Rust Repair & Waxoyl Corrosion Protection

Randall’s Auto Body Rust Repair Services

Randall’s repairs rust damage. When we find damage, we let you know. We tell you if the corrosion can be stopped and repaired or if you would be better off to replace an auto part. You are apprised at every step so that you are in control.

A small dent, scratch or imperfection on your car may lead to tiny rust spots. This rust will grow and eventually lead to deep, ugly rust patches. We patch holes, fill dents, prime, top/color coat, wet-sand, clear-coat, finish and polish rust away.

Randall’s Trained “Rustbuster” Specialists

Our trained staff will spend hours cleaning and preparing the surfaces of your car to provide a lasting barrier against the elements. We use special high-pressure wands to snake inside and apply Waxoyl 120-4 to hidden areas where rust may start such as inner frame panels, doors and sills. Each treatment is customized depending on each car’s needs.

Randall’s Waxoyl Rustproofing Service

Randall’s Auto Body is the most experienced Waxoyl rustproofing specialist in Long Island, New York.

Our service technicians are specially trained to apply Waxoyl products. We will remove any loose scale and old factory wax, and then power wash and dry the undercarriage of your car. Then we will prep your car’s surfaces to apply Waxoyl 120-4 cavity protection or Waxoyl undercar Hardwax.

Schedule a Waxoyl treatment for your automobile.

Waxoyl Rustproofing for Classic Cars

Waxoyl is championed by classic car devotees as the best rustproofing product for collector automobiles because of its ability to stop existing rust and prevent further corrosion.

Waxoyl can significantly extend the life of older vehicles and is especially effective for slowing rust and corrosion on classic vehicles that have already suffered some oxidation.

Waxoyl will prolong the life of older bodywork, thus increasing the resale value of cars of all ages. No car is too old to benefit from rust protection.

Older vehicles that need special restoration may require extra care. We will examine your car and suggest a plan that works for you.

Randall’s is known for professional restorations of classics.

You can rely on our unparalleled knowledge and product expertise to turn back the ravaging effects of time, properly restore and protect your vehicle.

Waxoyl Rustproofing for Trucks

Waxoyl anti-corrosion rustproofing products are especially important for trucks and other off-road vehicles. Waxoyl fights against corrosion and weather damage in even the harshest environments.


All-truck Protection

Get Waxoyl Rustproofing inside and on bottom, AND get Vortex Truck Bed Liner to protect your truck bed at the same time!

Any hard-working construction equipment, utility vehicles, boats and buses, that gets muddy and wet will benefit from Waxoyl’s tough corrosion protection. Use Waxoyl to extend service life and retain value on any outdoor metallic structure that needs to withstand severe conditions.

Call or email for pricing or for special applications.

About Waxoyl Rustproofing Products

The Science behind Waxoyl’s professional anti corrosion products:

Waxoyl forms a tough flexible barrier against corrosion-causing elements. Waxoyl combines the strongest chemical protection with a protective wax layer that will not crack, chip, drip, peel, or dry out.

Waxoyl’s water-repellant additives and high performance oxidation inhibitors offer long-term protection against car corrosion. The chemicals in Waxoyl soak into rust, and creep into seams, penetrating deep into your car’s cavities to provide protection where it is needed most.

Waxoyl Professional 120-4 Cavity Protection

Waxoyl Professional 120-4 Corrosion Prevention – Car Cavity Protection

Waxoyl Professional 120-4 is a wax-based mist that is easily atomized. The vaporized compound is “fogged” into hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle. A compressed air-powered wand is used to reach into awkward hidden areas and achieve good spray coverage inside hollow car cavities to prevent corrosion. Every seam and cavity is coated to ensure maximum protection.

Many rust problems begin inside untreated cavities. Waxoyl 120-4 features the ability to creep and penetrate producing a clear, water-resistant, long-lasting and highly flexible protective film. Waxoyl 120-4 displaces moisture to stick to rust and spread without dripping even on damp metal. Where surface rust already exists, Waxoyl professional cavity protection will halt further decay.

Waxoyl Professional Corrosion Prevention – Exterior Protection with Hardwax

Waxoyl Hardwax is a wax-based underbody sealant for all types of vehicles. Waxoyl Hardwax forms a tough flexible barrier against corrosion causing elements for all types of vehicles and metal structures. Waxoyl Hardwax provides underbody protection against road salt, grit, dirt and other harmful substances and long-lasting protection against corrosion.

Waxoyl Hardwax Underbody Protection combines a protective wax layer that will not crack, chip, drip, or dry out with strong chemical protection.

Randall’s uses Waxoyl to fight rust.

Randall’s protects
your car from rust
and corrosion using
Waxoyl Rust Prevention

Randall’s “bulletproofs” your car after painting it.  Using the corrosion fighting chemicals of Waxoyl Hardwax, we coat your car, including the cavity and underbody, to provide protection from rust for the life of your vehicle.*

Got Waxoyl?

*For harsh-environment driving conditions, Randall’s recommends that areas of heavy wear should be touched up after 4-6 years.

Join our Scheduled Maintenance Program to keep an eye out for rust and deal with each problem as early as possible. By exercising preventive measures like cleaning and waxing your car regularly, you should be driving with confidence for years to come.

Contact us and ask about rust repair and Waxoyl Hardwax.

Engine Compartment Protection

Insulate electrical components against damp with Waxoyl.
Waxoyl repels moisture, protecting electrical connections from oxidation and corrosion.

Is Waxoyl a safe, “Green” material?

Waxoyl is rust-preventative nondrying oil which bonds powerfully to metal.
Waxoyl prolongs the life of car chassis and bodywork by excluding water and air from bare metal, using rust inhibitors to slow the progress of existing rust. Waxoyl is applied as fluid that contains waxy particles suspended in a mineral spirit, which evaporates after application.

Waxoyl is an environmentally friendly, inert material. Waxoyl does not drip and does not interact chemically with any other material. Waxoyl is safe on all paint finishes. It contains no silicones or fluorocarbons, no acids, bases, or heavy metals.

Protect metal components in your engine compartment, underbody, and doors
to prolong the life of your automobile, thus increasing the resale value of your car.

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