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Professional Auto Body Painting

Our paint department includes preparation and priming booths, and a climate controlled spraying and baking booth.

At Randall’s Auto Body, Car painting is an absolute art. Our painters are trained to tint and blend all colors to match the original finish. We match the paint to your car's color code to match the exact color of your car.

Your car body is cleaned and brought into the Autek Down-draft Paint Booth to be painted with top-quality Dupont / Spies Hecker paints for a durable shine. The paint is baked on for a permanent, tough-as-nails professional finish.

As an official Spies Hecker paint center, we are stocked with a complete array of DuPont's German-made Spies Hecker solvent-based paints and clear-coats.

Car painting is an absolute art at Randall’s

Dents are repaired and sanded smooth to provide a contour that matches the existing panel. We prime the repair area and paint to blend into the surrounding panel area with no noticeable difference from the original paint.

We wet-sand the car, buff with compound and pad, then polish with a super fine polish.

For scratches, only the scratched area itself is repaired. The area is then re-colored, cleared and blended into the adjacent panel area to provide a perfect match to the factory finish.

Randall’s uses
Autek Zhongda
Heated Downdraft Spray Booths

Randall’s Autek Heated Down-Draft Spray Booth

Randall’s Autek full down-draft Auto Body Paint Booth moves air from the top ceiling and out from below, providing the most efficient, dustless, painting technique.

Paint is then baked onto your car frame at 150 degrees for a full half-hour to provide an impervious, professional quality paint job.

Car Models We Service:

The car models we service.

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